11:34am September 16, 2014


I will always be grateful for how this was depicted in the film.

8:54am September 16, 2014


Any Feminist who believes video games are oppressive towards women needs to watch this ALL the way through

7:06pm September 15, 2014



i know when someone with an android took a screenshot cus it looks like it was sent thru a fax machine in the 1400’s

they didnt have fax machines back then android 1 athiests 0

7:06pm September 15, 2014

“you had such a thirst for knowledge; and now school has ruined that.”

— something that someone said to me recently and I think about it a lot. (via writerings)
6:54pm September 15, 2014



when u try to tell ur friends a pun


when ur friend likes puns


6:49pm September 15, 2014


Joana Choumali

Hââbre, the last generation

1. Ms. Djeneba : ” I used to like my scars; they were beautiful. We used to brag about them. But, now, in the city, it is definitely out of fashion.”

2. Mrs. Sinou : “I refuse to do it to my children. This will stay on my face only.”

3.Mr. Konabé : “Our parents did this not to get lost in life. When you went somewhere, you could not get lost.”

4. Mr. Lawal : “It is here in town that I am ‘nobody’. In the village, I am a noble; people bow down when they see my face! I am proud of that.”

5. Mr. Salbre : “ I do not want this for my children. We are the last generation “

6. Ms. Martine : “When I was 10 years, I asked for them. I wanted to be like my brothers and sisters, and to show that I am courageous. “ 

7. Mr. Guemi : “I already wear my identity card on my face. This is the reason why people did it : to recognize one another. But now, this is over. We can no more be recognized.”


6:46pm September 15, 2014



'Seeking Aether' (experimental garment collection): InAisce FW 13/14 Men's Collection featuring South Sudanese refugee and former child soldier turned actor and model Ger Duany  - video link

Ger Duany, you are amazing, sir. #7 is some kind of amazing villain waiting to be born.

6:22pm September 15, 2014


an average day on the /SFM subreddit

6:20pm September 15, 2014


Like fiery eyeball thing, no problem. But don’t even try to imagine a Samoan elf. (x)

But middle earth ISN’T a whole fictional world, it’s a small part of a larger world. It’s a region that just happens to be predominently white, and the hobbits are part of a very small part of land of this region. They are based on English control folk with small close knit community. There are dark skinned people and cultures and they end up playing a part in the big war.

This is something I’ve always hated about people who criticized fantasy. They think that just cause a dragon exists that realism doesn’t fucking matter. A barbarian could punch a rock, knock off the K, and turn it into a giant bird with this kind of thinking.

Tolkein put a lot of work into the world, it’s his world and his rules. As a dark skinned man I would love dark skinned characters to appear more in fantasy settings but I”m not going to ask that you completely throw away logical writing to do so.

6:16pm September 15, 2014






Pumzi - dir. Wanuri Kahiu // Kenya

In a dystopian future 35 years after an ecological WWIII  has torn the world apart, East African survivors of the devastation remain locked away in contained communities, but a young woman in possession of a germinating seed struggles against the governing council to bring the plant to Earth’s ruined surface.

The main character is a museum curator in the future and also yes I would like see this now please


The complete short film is on youtube and it’s really good and the end kind of took my breath away.